1. Tara and Chris | Newborn Photography | Hamilton

    Date 07 Jun 2016
    When I was first asked to do this newborn shoot I was a little hesitant.  To be honest I am not a fan of most of the newborn photography that is being done right now because I find the poses to look quite unnatural and awkward. With that said I think newborn…

  2. A nature walk | Nature Photography | Hendrie Park Burlington

    Date 06 Jun 2016
    Entrance to Hendrie Park With the refresh of the website I decided  to make a more concerted effort to use this journal more.  I thought to start off instead of doing a post on the huge backlog of shoots I still need to update you on I would go with…

  3. Rachel | Film Lifestyle Portrait Photography | Royal Botanical Gardens Burlington

    Date 12 Mar 2016
    Today I am excited to share a shoot from late last summer.  I had contacted Rachel and asked if she would be interested in shooting with me (perhaps begged a little :) )  To my delight she agreed to come collaborate with me. Something that has blossomed into a great…

  4. Aleah | Lifestyle Portrait Photography | La Salle Park Burlington

    Date 25 Feb 2016
    As a photography you can’t really complain when you get the perfect triology (beautiful light, beautiful location, beautiful model) and on this day I was truly blessed Aleah and I headed down to one of my favorite locations in Burlington, La Salle Park to ale advantage of some beautiful golden…

  5. Katie’s Yoga | Lifestyle Portrait Photography | Guelph

    Date 21 Feb 2016
    As I was moving deeper and deeper into the portraiture realm I knew I needed to practice, practice, practice.  The challenge with portraiture is it requires another participant to model for you which takes time to build up a big pool of willing subjects.   So I did what anyone would do…

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